Decorative Glass Installation in Central Georgia

Whether you are looking to spruce up your office space or add accents to your home, decorative glass may be the right solution for you. Including colored glass in your business can make your office more aesthetically appealing. We offer back-painted, laminated, and etched glass installation services for home and business owners across the Central Georgia area. Learn more about our decorative glass options below.

Back Painted Decorative Glass Installation

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your office or match brand colors, we can help. Our back-painted glass options are made up of transparent, colored, metallic, lacquered, mono, and bicomponent water-based pants, making it possible to achieve various effects in colors. We can even mix the coloring of back-painted glass with other decorative glass types like etched glass and laminated glass. Our team at Georgia Glass Repair can install back-painted glass in a style that fits your wants and needs.

Back Painted Glass Styles

Water-Based Thermosetting Paints: These pants create transparent colorings on flat glass.

Water-Based Thermochromic Paints: These paints can be used to create color-changing glass based on temperature exposure.

Metallic Effect Paints: These paints reproduce a metallic effect on glass with an excellent shine.

Ice Effect Paints: These paints produce an effect similar to ice crystals.

Mirror Effect Paints: These paints make it possible to recreate a mirror effect on flat glass.

Water-Based Safety Paint: These paints are transparent or colored and enable glass and mirrors to be made safe. If the glass cracks, the paint will hold all the shards in place, reducing the risk of injury.

Laminated Decorative Glass Installation

We carry a variety of laminated glass options, including colors, textures, fiber inlays, and fabric inlay decorative laminated glass. Our laminated glass offerings are more than just safety glass; the customization we can offer can add decorative elements to barn doors, showers, cladding, partitions, and other walls. We can also include a frosted interlayer to enhance privacy at any level, from 20% opacity to 100% coverage.

Etched & Frosted Glass Installation

In addition to back painted and laminated glass options, we also offer patterned etched and frosted glass decorative glass options. These styles of decorative flat glass have been used for decades to provide light transmission while retaining a classic clean look. We can help you choose from full frosted panels, privacy bands, or a frosted glass pattern for your home or office. Our frosted glass options are great for use in the home for shower surrounds, glass doors, and other areas of your home where you are looking to improve the style while maintaining light levels.

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If you are looking for a decorative glass installation expert in the Northern Atlanta and Central Georgia areas, we can help. We offer professional decorative glass customization and installation services for homeowners and business owners across our service area. Call our team today at (404) 845-7986 or fill out our online contact form for more information on decorative glass options.

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