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Georgia Glass Repair knows that your home is your castle. You want each room to be beautiful with the right look and the perfect coordinating accessories. We offer tabletop glass surfaces for the dining room, kitchen, and end tables. Tabletop glass provides a touch of class and elegance to any home and is a great investment for any homeowner. Using tabletop glass surfaces is much wiser than using a wooden surface table because it is much more durable.

Tabletop Glass – Shelf Glass

Tabletop Glass - Shelf Glass

Our glass table surfaces are better than wooden surface tables due to the following:

  • Tabletop glass doesn’t form scratches or nicks very easily as wooden table surfaces do.
  • You will never need to spend long hours polishing your wooden tabletop to perfection since the glass doesn’t require polishing.
  • Tabletop glass is much easier to keep clean. Food and dust particles can be easily wiped away without damage to the glass.
  • Tabletop glass is incredibly strong, sturdy, and durable.
  • Playtime and crafts are much easier to clean up after on a glass tabletop surface than with wood.
  • Warm dishes and pots can be placed on glass tabletops, and you don’t have to worry about marks being made on the wood surface.
  • Glass tabletop surfaces provide great protection much more than wooden tables.

Georgia Glass Repair knows that a glass tabletop can protect wood furniture. The glass provides a tough, strong, and durable layer that doesn’t hide the beautiful appearance of the wood underneath. Instead of having shabby, scratched wood furniture, you can add a glass tabletop above it and keep it looking good and fresh for many years to come. Even though glass is much more durable than wood, sometimes it needs to be replaced. If you notice your tabletop glass is less shiny, that may be a sign of wear and tear. If you notice damaged glass, it is crucial to replace it. Broken glass can be dangerous.

Tabletop Glass Advantages

The glass table top no longer has to look like a thick, ugly piece of material. Glass tabletops are now very thin, clear, and built with decorative designs of your choice. There have been many advances in glass tabletops over the past few years, and our glass company is proud to stay on the cutting edge of such advances. The glass is used to enhance the appearance of the wood underneath, not hide or disguise it. With this new technology, you can use your new glass tabletop on dressing tables, desks, coffee tables, end tables, etc.

The main purpose of a glass tabletop is protection. Because wood is an organic material, it is naturally soft in comparison to other materials used for tables. This means that everyday items such as bowls, plates, coffee mugs, glasses, staplers, and paperclips can leave wood furniture scratched and ugly. Our glass tabletops can prevent this by adding a solid layer of protection.

Please contact Georgia Glass Repair for more information about our available tabletop glass products. We want to be your number-one residential glass provider.

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Our team at Georgia Glass Repair strives to serve every customer with integrity, using our knowledge to educate, inform, and help customers with their flat glass needs.

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